Mihaela Stancu

I am a graphic designer with a real love and passion for digital art. Today I experience digital art not only as a passion, but also as a real soul excitement. In other words, digital art is a tangible part of my life and earned the favorite place in my imagination and creativity. I have always been fascinated by graphic design in any form you can see it applied in our lives. Nowadays much of the graphic design is done on computers, therefore I thought the digital design could be a great opportunity to employ my artistic skills. I do my graphics in Photoshop, which I think is one of the greatest software applications around. In a world full of digital graphic images it is hard to be original all the time. In this respect, my everyday struggle is that after creating an image, I may also have the "déjà vu" feeling about my work. In my work I am always looking for the spectacular – the "wow" factor. I do not intend to promote identity forms, as much as I want to show the real spectacle that colors, light, and dark create only by themselves when they are placed together in the same space. These three elements are the main actors of my artwork that can visually impact the eyes of my spectators. I am only the manipulator of these graphic elements and of the tools I am using in the design process. In creating my graphics I pick up an idea and then I try to turn it into art. Everyday I am surrounded by new colors and shapes and I am willing to communicate in a different way with a different approach. Therefore I cannot wait to challenge my imagination.